Giving is Up: Donate & Give Back

Giving is Up:  Donate & Give Back

While it has never quite vanished, giving in the United States dipped during the recent recession. But, according to reports published in Giving USA 2014, charitable giving in the United States is heading in a positive direction, up nearly 5% over last year. All in all, this is positive news for charities who have been hoping that giving would get back to pre-recession levels.

As it turns out, that might be happening sooner than expected. But, which areas are reaping the benefits of this increase? According to the watchdogs, four distinct sectors are benefiting the most. The education industry is up nearly 9% to more than $52 billion. This number includes anything non-profit related to the educational industry, from primary school to college to private tutoring. This remains a massive and complex industry, and a tremendous ground-level opportunity.

Human Services is also up, by about 2% to $41 billion. If you can help take care of people, particularly the increasing aging population, then you are in a good place to be successful.

The Health industry, of course, remains… healthy, up 6% in the last year to nearly $32 billion. This includes all non-profit health related industries. Again, as the population continues to age, health services will become an increasingly necessary – and viable – opportunity.

The fourth area experiencing top growth included both the Environmental and Animal areas, up nearly 7% to almost $10 billion. People continue to care about the environment, and an increasing number of people are getting involved and working to make a difference. Looking at those four key areas, how can your charity benefit from the increased giving in these non-profit market segments? If you can puzzle out the answer, then you are one step closer to increasing the resources available to help you meet your goals.