Giving is good for you and your business

Giving is good for you and your business

Giving is good for you and your business

Charity. It’s a tough concept when your days are about meeting the budget and improving the bottom line. But giving can be very good for business. Both for your team and your bottom line.

Charity work helps focus your team on more than Getting the Job Done. It connects them – and your brand – with the community in ways consumer transactions cannot. It’s more than just the good feelings people get from Doing Good. It’s about making a bigger difference and being part of something in a way that can only be achieved through group interaction.

Charity work can also help you attract better people. While it’s true that almost every business needs those folks who are laser-focused on Getting That Sale, businesses also need people who have a more nuanced and complex relationship with the world. These people like to feed their souls at work, not just their bank accounts. They need a challenge, and they want to be a part of something that’s doing more than buying for less and selling for more.

Giving also has some flat out apples to apples business application. When you sponsor a little league team or a local event or any of several goodwill efforts happening in your sphere of influence you not only deepen that sphere of influence, you make your business more necessary in the minds of those you are trying to turn into customers. People want to support those who support what they care about. When you connect with a charity effort that meets your values and priorities, you will encounter loads of people who share those values and priorities but might not ever encounter your business or brand otherwise. Invest in that opportunity by being prepared for the times when those interactions could turn colleagues in good work into customers of your business.

Nonprofit investing is a great way to network. In business, who you know matters, and getting to know someone requires a way to break the ice. Charity causes and events can be a great way to make those connections and break that ice. You immediately have something to talk about that isn’t work.

Finally, investing in charity work is an opportunity to bring your brand into someone’s mind when they are feeling good. Those happy thoughts and accomplished feelings are then associated with your brand, even if they don’t realize they’re making that association. It’s never a bad idea to make someone feel good about what you do and who you are. Investing in charity work can do just that.

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