Giving Tuesday Works for Nonprofits

Giving Tuesday Works for Nonprofits

First there was Black Friday. Then there was Cyber Monday. Then, finally, came the Most Wonderful Day of the Year for many American nonprofits, Giving Tuesday. Ronn Torossian explains:

The concept started as both an extension and a response to America’s bacchanal of avarice in the days after Thanksgiving. Giving Tuesday exploded onto the scene with a passion, motivating millions to counterbalance their getting with a healthy dose of giving.

This year, according to recently released numbers, nonprofit groups took in nearly $46 million on Giving Tuesday.

The movement has, by and large, been driven by social media campaigns and reflects the nearly limitless potential that can be found in crowdfunding and online giving. Begun in 2012, the movement included about 2,500 groups receiving about $13.5 million. The numbers were up about 63 percent in 2013. More than 15,000 nonprofit groups participated this year. Nearly 700,000 tweets were sent mentioning Giving Tuesday. Talk about viral!

From a PR and marketing perspective, the success is largely about connecting with a convergence of consumer attention, ease of use, and personal will. People WANT to give after spending so much on themselves. They are ready to do something altruistic. The online forum makes it easy and the social media push increases peer pressure to participate. All of this comes together to present a tremendous opportunity for organizations who are smart enough to take advantage of it and wise enough to maximize the opportunity.

Unfortunately, far too many nonprofit organizations fail to understand or realize the potential in both online donations and crowdfunding. They are unsure about the benefits or unaccustomed to the medium or simply stuck on “This Is How We Do Things.”

Well, for those organizations, here’s your wake up call. 15,000 groups split about $46 million dollars. You could have been one of them. Now you have to wait until next year. What do you plan to do about it?