How to Generate Interest for your Charity in 2015

How to Generate Interest for your Charity in 2015

No matter how well-intentioned your charity or non-profit organization, you still need the interest and the reach to your target audience. After all, what good is a charity with no donations? Here are some of the best strategies for bringing those good people to your charity.

First, start a blog about your charity.

People love contributing to success stories. In order to generate interest in your success stories, start a blog to tell those stories. This will help to expand your audience as well once you create a link web internally. The major search engines love picking up on blogs that have an .edu suffix, so if your charity is connected to an educational institution, use this trick in your favor.

Second, use social media and lots of visuals.

If your charity needs testimonials, then use pictures and videos in order to create those testimonials. Which of the following would be more attractive to you as a consumer: a page long text block about how great you are or a picture of a smiling group of charity workers in action? Social media is the way to easily get these kinds of images in front of your audience and create a brand for yourself without boring new customers to death.

Third, set up a peer to peer page.

People like to know that the charities they trust are active in the community. If you set up a peer to peer or donation campaign, it is another place to list the accomplishments and the plans of your organization while also building towards the future. It’s not all about the money – it is also about consistent outreach!

Fourth, create viral videos.

Even a charity needs a little humor in its advertising. Create videos to advertise yourself, but do not think of these videos as commercials. Showcase the fun that you are having while working for the benefit of others. Showcase the personalities that your organization has attracted to work there. These elements, if properly organized and kept brief, have the ability to create a viral video that can provide more positive feedback and exposure than any sort of advertising ever could. Use video sharing sites such as Youtube and Dailymotion to get the ball rolling.

Fifth, start a real time channel.

Nothing is better for business than to take people on the real time events that you have. Use apps like to take your audience with you into the field for authentic charity work.

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