Disabled Children get Halloween Boost

Disabled Children get Halloween Boost

Doing good doesn’t have to be a huge effort, making the difference to one or five people’s lives can leave a lasting impact and legacy. That’s exactly what Oregon-based non-profit Magic Wheelchair does. Every year they accept applications and videos from children in wheelchairs (with parental permission). Five are chosen to receive a wheelchair costume. Their mission is to “give kids in wheelchairs an unforgettable Halloween by creating custom costumes for them at no expense to their families.”

Ryan and Lana Weimer founded Magic Wheelchair after Ryan’s first custom design for their son Keaton – a pirate ship in 2008. The couple feels the need deeply since three of their five children have muscular dystrophy – the children are likely to need wheelchairs all their lives.

Since that first costume, Ryan and a team of designers and builders have enjoyed their annual trip into the imaginations of children bound physically by chairs, but whose dreams soar. Some of the epic wheelchair costumes have included monsters, dragons, an armored horse, an elephant with a prince’s shaded carriage on top, or a fuzzy bug.

The costumes are expensive to make because the team creates amazing experiences, award-winners at most costume parties, and a day when a child who frequently gets left of out the fun, plays with friends getting time in the limelight as the coolest kid in a parade. But since Ryan and Lana have three special needs children to house, feed, and provide all the items needed for them to thrive, you can imagine funding this work of love is beyond their pocketbooks.

People can join in the amazing moments by making a donation through their website (link above), or if you are a crafty builder, consider scouting through your neighborhood or town and try your hand at making a kid’s wish come true. We can all do a little good in the world around us – funds, time, talents, efforts – all go to build a better life for the people we know and see often. And let’s face it, making a child happy is one of the best feelings adults ever get to experience.

Magic Wheelchair has done thoughtful things for children, and it has caught the attention of media outlets like the Huffington Post, MTV News, Alternative Press, BuzzFeed and more. Leave a legacy of love and inspire others on the way.

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