4 Ways Charity PR firms are HarnessingTechnology

4 Ways Charity PR firms are HarnessingTechnology

The marriage of social media and mobile devices is a dream come true for Internet marketers and PR firms. But nonprofit organizations can also take advantage of the “new normal” in communication to be more efficient, active and effective. Here are four ways you can make that happen for your organization right now:

#1 – Use infographics for more efficient communication

Instead of bulleted lists of directions or spreadsheets of statistics, create single-image infographics. These images are more easily shared cross-platform. This makes them an ideal way to communicate with volunteers and others not directly connected with your organization. Plus, infographics are an easy way to communicate lots of information quickly and simply. Need to communicate several different dynamics or a chain of important information? Don’t make a list. Say it with a picture.

#2 – Video, video, video

Some Internet marketing gurus are predicting that nearly all online communication will be video-based in a few short years. Ronn Torossian and 5WPR agree. In fact, the majority of marketers only seem to be debating the timeline. But there is no reason for anyone to wait.

  •    Video sharing is quick, easy and dynamic.
  •    Shoot a video on your phone and IM or tweet it out to everyone in your organization in a single click.
  •   Plus, with video, recipients can hear tonal inflection and see facial expression – nonverbal cues lost in email … even if you cover it with emoticons.

And, for up-to-the-minute positive PR,  PR Firms can film a quick clip of their folks in action and immediately post it up on YouTube and Facebook for the world to see.

#3 – Using Twitter to coordinate volunteers

Logistical coordination has never been easier. Make sure all your volunteers are following you on Twitter and you can instantly communicate with anyone, anywhere. This is particularly effective during large events where your team is spread out over a wide area or during times of crisis where your team could be located at multiple venues across several states. Twitter also makes it possible to coordinate changes of plans and locations with as little logistical pain as possible.

#4 – Using Facebook as a free promotional tool

Facebook is free … “and it always will be.” Oh, and it has over one BILLION users. These two facts should encourage every PR agency to get serious about their social media promotion. What should you post on Facebook? In a word? Everything. Any possible link, information or comment that is both A) a positive reflection of your organization, and, B) something imminently shareable.

One key point to remember about Facebook though: Don’t make everything about yourself!!!!

  •   Post indirectly connected but interesting news.
  •   Thank your volunteers by name.
  •  Post lots of good, quality pictures.
  •  Ask open-ended questions.

Bottom line? When it comes to technology, a multimedia approach is best. Make messages as simple and dynamic as possible, and you will see success.