Harry’s Beats Gillette Using Social Media

Harry’s Beats Gillette Using Social Media

Harry’s Beats Gillette Using Social Media

In the razor wars, the talk is getting tough, and the barbs are growing sharper and flying faster. Recently, Gillette came out with an ad criticizing some of the upstart razor brands that allow consumers to order online at much cheaper prices than they pay in the store for major brands. One of those brands, Harry’s, fired back at the competition with a well-publicized list of “Four Reasons We’re Glad Gillette Came After Us.”

This tongue in cheek response turned out to not only be a good list of reasons to choose Harry’s, but also some wickedly precise social media PR. Here are Harry’s four reasons, as well as some PR discussion about each point.

“Customers really have our back…” in this, Harry’s establishes and reinforces its online connection with its customers via social media. This is vital for a web-based company such as Harry’s. Having the opportunity to rally the troops and watching them respond is a big PR win. According to the release, “Harry’s fans shared their love and support in some awesome tweets…” For Harry’s, this is a very good result.

“The Industry Likes Our Stuff…” According to the Harry’s release, the feud with Gillette allowed them to remind everyone how much some in the fashion industry, including GQ magazine, loved their Winston model razor, which apparently earned 2016 Grooming Award for best razor. They also mentioned that AskMen voted Harry’s its 2016 Editor’s Choice Grooming Award for “best subscription boxes … Being able to name drop in your industry and then add the icing of brands like Fast Company and Forbes to your accolades, all in a response to a competitor’s challenge can be PR gold.

They waited until number three to really stick it to Gillette, claiming: “Our co-founders were Gillette users first… so they get it.” The message: either the quality or the prices were so bad, it inspired us to actually create a company to compete with you people. Ouch. That’s cold. And funny. The barb about bucking the “trend of overcharging customers” is harshly poetic. And the final salvo “clearly they were onto something because Gillette has taken notice…” is just the right level of cheek.

The final salvo is “A fraction of the price has a nice ring to it…” Which is how Harry’s introduces the notion that “all this extra publicity” has allowed media outlets to repeatedly use the “fraction” phrase in their reporting.

All told, this is a fine and funny response to a competitor, that should introduce Harry’s to an entirely new group of potential customers.