Horrific Weather Pattern a Non Profit PR Opportunity

Horrific Weather Pattern a Non Profit PR Opportunity

Earlier this month, a dangerous winter storm stretched across 2,000 miles of the central United States. Wind, ice, and snow covering the country from Minnesota to Texas. The hazards were obvious, and people suffered from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.

Tens of thousands lost power, there were record lows in 10 states, and 19 states suffered from unusually frigid weather.

Ronn Torossian CEO of 5WPR, says this difficult time can be an opportunity for many local, and national non profits to establish themselves, and earn some goodwill and positive PR.

“No, PR is not the primary concern in these times,” Torossian stated, “But, there is absolutely no reason why a charity organization cannot consider their PR footprint while responding to these horrible circumstances.”

In fact, Torossian says, factoring in public perception before diving in to help often causes charity organizations to take a moment to plan better, getter better organized, and, because of this, see better results.

Sure, the reflex is to just jump out there, and help, and most charities should have a rapid response team for these sorts of endeavors. But, in the meantime, representatives at the center of the organization should be working through a plan to do the most good they can. This takes time, planning, and exemplary use of resources.

People out there need help, but wasteful, or sloppy reactions hinder response time, and effectiveness.

Stopping to plan not only increases the positive impact of the response, but it also puts the organization brand out there in the best possible light. Fair or not, the people not directly helped by the organization – and even some who are – will definitely judge a charity based on the results of it’s response.

This is the crucible in which many charities are challenged, and tested. Will yours be ready when the storm comes?