How to Build Lasting Customer Relationships

How to Build Lasting Customer Relationships

Relationships with customers is the bedrock of every business. Like any other relationship , relationships with customers require investment of time and nurturing.  

A small business I will enjoy the advantage of building customer rapport. In the era of customer empowerment, customers can choose to buy from whoever they want.

However, if they find a product or service they are happy with, they tend to stay with that brand. Given below are ways to build strong customer relationships:

Personalize Communication

People’s emotional needs change over the course of relationships. Similarly, the emotional connections that businesses have with consumers also evolve.

Businesses should continually evaluate and refine segmentation strategies to gain more information about customers. This would help a business become more relevant to each customer.

Personalization does not mean simply including a customer’s name through communication.

Starbucks uses its mobile app to get personal with its customers. For instance, customers can customize and order drinks via the app.

The app makes use of data such as location and purchase history in order to get as personal as possible with customers. Sometimes thank-you notes for purchases go a long way toward building relationships.

Enhanced customer experience

Satisfied customers will become loyal ones if their experience with a business has been positive. Customer service has to focus on the customer and not on the business.

Happy customers generate more sales and more positive publicity. An effective way to level up customer satisfaction is to provide real time support. Engaging customers with live chats and responding to queries reduces issues and improves the resolution time.

Conversations with customers can also be personalized by using video chat solutions. Sending special offers to customers that they would be interested in would also enhance their experience.

Exceed Expectations

Knowing and understanding customers and their unique needs is critical for a business. This can all be accomplished through personal contact possible in the case of smaller companies, or intense formal research required of larger organizations.

Jimmy’s Automotive in Streetsboro, Ohio, gives their clients a handwritten thank you note. This type of practice not only builds the reputation of a business, but it also makes a business the kind one would recommend to family and friends.

MailChimp’s mascot, Freddie, adds humor by using virtual high-fives, and makes an emotional connection with users.

Customer Feedback

When consumers  feel that they are more than just an avenue to profit, this leads to an enduring connection between the customer and a business. It also helps for businesses to understand a customer’s specific needs so that the best solution to their problems can be found.

Whether it is a compliment or a complaint, both deserve prompt responses. People rely more on customer feedback now than on advertisements.

Collecting customer feedback through feedback forms, surveys, or online reviews can help a business improve customer retention.