How to Create a Stunning Brand Manifesto

How to Create a Stunning Brand Manifesto

If a company really wants to inspire its consumers to follow the brand, the core messages of the business need to focus on the purpose behind the company itself, and not on how the product is made or what it’s about.

Highlighting why consumers need to care about a company is how some of the biggest brands around the world have managed to build notable support for their businesses.

An example of such is Apple, despite having to face intense competition along the way.

Resonating with the target audience can help companies appeal to the part of the human brain that’s responsible for taking action.

Put simply, if a business can evoke a specific emotion with its consumers, it can inspire them to show certain behaviors.

This is what a brand manifesto is all about because with a brand manifesto, companies can describe why they exist, their purpose, and why consumers should care about them.

Generally, a brand manifesto should be an emotional story that’s able to grab the attention of the target audience, connect with them on an emotional level, and convince them to support the business.

A brand manifesto can build a very loyal base of customers and attract some of the most talented people across industries to the company.


Brand manifestos are driven by a company’s purpose, and without a clear purpose, a brand manifesto is going to come across as emotionally manipulative and inauthentic.

Consumers always want to know why they should care about a business and its products, and the products themselves have never been a good enough reason for consumers to support it.

To figure out a company’s reason, businesses should ask their founders why they first started the company, the problems they were trying to solve, and how they helped the business grow since then.

Improving Lives

Most people around the world are trying to improve their current situation, and with self-actualization being a universal human goal, the best thing that companies can do is understand this essential element of the human condition.

When it describes a company’s purpose in a selfless fashion, or when it shows consumers how their lives will become better by supporting a brand, a brand manifesto can inspire the target audience to imagine a future where the company’s products or services have improved their lives.

Focusing on the Audience

Every popular brand manifesto has specific language in it. Companies should write their brand manifestos in the second or third person, in order to include the target audience in their story.

Brands that are successful in this understand that consumers primarily care about the way those companies can help them.

When a company uses pronouns like “we” or “people” when referring to the target audience, it engages with the consumers on a more personal level by placing them in the center of the narrative.

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