How to use Instagram Locations within your PR Strategy

How to use Instagram Locations within your PR Strategy

Instagram has turned into one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with millions of users opening the app every day to share their photos, connect with their favorite brands, and shop.

That means companies should start utilizing Instagram as a big part of their public relations efforts if they haven’t done so already. The way that companies promote themselves to the public has evolved, as making an impact on the target audience has become a lot more difficult.

This difficulty has made the importance of utilizing any potential channel or tool that companies can to connect with their customers a lot more valuable.

Companies that haven’t started using Instagram for promotional purposes are missing out, as over 80% of consumers use the platform to follow companies.


Instagram can become one of the most effective ways that a company promotes itself simply by leveraging the power of content to promote its solutions or tell its story.

Since Instagram is centered on visual assets and storytelling, companies can tell their story in a visual way on the platform.

That can mean sharing photos or videos of the latest products, making product announcements, or showing what’s going on behind the scenes of a business.

Businesses can also use their social media platforms as a way to recruit talent, by showcasing the existing staff and the company’s culture, and they can also connect with other influencers or brands for partnerships and collaborations.


Most people have heard about companies that became famous with consumers by promoting their products through influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencers are people that have established an audience on a social media platform, and credibility with that audience.

They use this influence to make product or service recommendations to their followers. Companies need to know the most valuable or influential people in their industry or niche and engage with them to build a relationship and work on a marketing campaign together.

However, when creating a marketing campaign with an influencer, companies need to use branded hashtags that will help their promotional efforts reach more people.


Instagram provides users with the ability to tag their location to their posts or stories, which can be a beneficial promotional tool for businesses too.

Companies can share their own location in their content in order to show consumers where they can find the business.

Location sharing is also beneficial when companies are trying to promote their events, as more attendees will visit the company’s event in person if its location is publicized.

Consumers can also tag themselves and their content at the same location as a business, which Instagram then categorizes into a long newsfeed of posts that have been made at that location. This can help companies increase brand awareness and reach more people.