Importance of Digital PR in SEO Strategy

Importance of Digital PR in SEO Strategy

PR is no more restricted to features in the local paper or glossy magazine. The prevalence of digital PR may mean that more strategy is needed to create a successful campaign.

It also means more benefits, as digital PR can improve the online presence of a business and lead to visibility in many more places, reaching much further than a single feature in a newspaper.

It can also help grow credibility for a business. Given below are reasons why digital PR is needed for the SEO strategy of a business.

The importance of SEO in PR

SEO is crucial for any business, because most people use search engines when looking to buy something or find a service provider. PR can play a significant role in SEO and not utilizing it effectively could mean missing out on new leads. SEO can be a real brand booster, and can amplify the effect of the wider marketing activity of a business.

Helps to Reach the Target Audience

Digital PR helps to reach target audiences across several different platforms, and can build relationships with people and organizations within the same industry. It could mean featuring a business on popular websites, podcasts, and social media platforms with which these people and companies interact regularly.

Builds Trustworthiness

The key to credibility is integrity. As digital channels have grown and evolved, it has become the responsibility of the PR practitioner to ensure that audiences get a ‘single brand experience’ , and that whichever channel or device on which the audience experiences a brand first, provides a positive experience. There are some qualitative and quantitative measures for credibility.

For instance, Google may rate the credibility of a business on site authority, which is associated with backlinks to the website of the business from other credible third-party websites. The page ranking of a business may also affect the first impression of Google users searching for the business, but it may not have the same effect if they have heard negative things about the business before witnessing the page ranking.

Impacts Referral Traffic

Digital PR leads to quality links. The quality is about traffic too. The links that a company earns are from targeted audiences. The outlets have been selected because they are a part of the target audience’s lives. This means that the audience will engage with the links and want to know more.

This engagement is what makes online PR in digital marketing a powerful channel for reaching target audience. Digital PR drives traffic from the right consumers, who are likely in the market and at the consideration phase. It will create new prospects while nurturing others.

Connect with Bloggers and Influencers

Digital PR is about building relationships. It allows a business to connect with other influencers and bloggers who are themselves well connected.

Making such connections allows a business to form mutually beneficial relationships, and to grow their target audience.

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