Improving Relationships With Consumers

Improving Relationships With Consumers

The pandemic made companies switch gears all over the world. However, a number of businesses have started to revert back to their offers and solutions that were available back in 2019.

One of them is the British confectionery Cadbury, which had a Christmas chocolate courier service through its Secret Santa Postal Service offer for consumers.

Through the campaign, the company gave customers the opportunity to anonymously send chocolate to their loved ones.

However, at the start of the pandemic, the confectioner brand decided to stop this offer due to concern over worker safety. This year, however, the campaign has been reinstated.

It was started by VCCP London, and highlights the roots that the brand shares with the British Royal Mail post boxes which, for the campaign, are colored in the brand’s signature purple color. People also wear Secret Santa masks to avoid consumers from figuring out that their loved ones are sending them chocolate.

This year, with a partnership with the foodbank operator The Trussell Trust, Cadbury pledged to donate a chocolate bar for every Secret Santa that consumers send to their loved ones.

The free postal service provided by the brand tours London, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Birmingham, and Manchester, and even the football clubs Liverpool and Manchester City got involved in the campaign this year.

In 2020, the company had to pandemic-proof the campaign, and instead of having consumers send free chocolate to their loved ones, the brand made the experience accessible to everyone online.

The digital design and engineering division of VCCP London designed the first virtual Postal Service last year, allowing consumers to interact with Cadbury Postal Service workers online in order to send chocolate to their loved ones.

Additionally, every Secret Santa was also able to send an anonymous message with their chocolate to the recipient with the help of AR.

Consumers could use the Secret Santa virtual mask to cover their face and ensure their identity remained a secret. Then recipients could check the personalized message through a QR code printed on their package of treats.

However, this year, just like all the years before 2020, consumers would have to visit a local Cadbury Postal Service if they want to send some chocolate to their loved ones.

Consumers can choose from a number of the brand’s chocolate bars to send to their friends or family, and the company will send it to them at no cost.

The company decided to inspire kindness with consumers, and to deepen its relationship with them through campaigns three years ago.

Most of Cadbury’s campaigns have focused on precisely those types of efforts. With the Secret Santa campaign, consumers can share the happy holiday spirit with loved ones, as well as feel good about themselves because the company also donates a chocolate bar for every single one that’s sent out to others.