Increasing Reach with Influencers

Increasing Reach with Influencers

For companies, reach is the measure of how well social media activities are doing with their target audience , as well as an indicator of the number of people that are getting exposed to the company. To be able to increase a company’s reach doesn’t always mean an increase in revenue, unless that reach includes the company’s prospects.

This is an efficient approach to reach out to as many people as possible while hoping that something will work. The right strategies can help put a company directly in front of its target audience, and that’s exactly where working with influencers can be useful.

Influencers are people who target audiences are  already listening to, and who have similar

values or perspectives as particular companies . The influencers themselves don’t have to be well-known, or have a massive number of followers, as long as their target audience is the same as a company’s  target audience, they have a slightly bigger number of followers.

Building Relationships

The first step in working with an influencer to increase a company’s reach is to identify the influencers that the company will be working with, as well as considering whether they are already promoting the business in the first place.

The people who are already promoting the business are going to be even more receptive to promoting the company’s content or products when reached out to. However, before any of that happens the company should start building a relationship with their chosen influencer. One of the best ways to start this is on social media platforms, by engaging with their content and communicating in general.

Mutual Benefit

Working with influencers doesn’t just mean that the company will increase its reach, as it should also be helping the influencers. Companies can provide influencers with content that will help them to engage with their audience, and both parties can benefit from that effort.

Another example would be if the company has done some type of unique research, or has a deep understanding of a particular area of interest, where the business could provide the influencer with this information in the form of a blog post or relevant statistics that are aligned with the interests of their target audience.

Sharing Expertise

It shouldn’t just be the company that’s sharing its insights on their industry with their influencer. The influencer can also help the company by sharing their own expertise. When creating any sort of content the company can ask their influencer for a quote that will give their company content additional support. Once the content is public, the influencer can then share it with their own audience on social media platforms.

In fact, companies can take this step further by inviting the influencer to contribute to the company’s blog by sharing their own expertise or through an interview.

Making Everything Easy

Finally, companies should make things easy for the influencer they’re working with by figuring out ways the influencer doesn’t have to do all the work to promote the company. For example, instead of asking the influencer to create a blog post, the company can instead ask for a quote or a few lines for that blog post.