Three Ways to Inspire Your Volunteers

Three Ways to Inspire Your Volunteers

There are many organizations, groups, and companies that need volunteers. Volunteers are the lifeblood of many non-profits’ daily grind. They make sure that your organization runs smoothly, and they are essential for getting things done. Despite their importance though, many volunteers go unnoticed, or are forgotten about, in the grand scheme of things. Volunteers are essential to your organization; they are much more than just cheap or free labor for a good cause.

Inspired volunteers are advocates of the work you are trying to accomplish. Committed volunteers are the best public relations program you can enact for your organization. Conversely,  if they don’t feel appreciated, you may lose some of your biggest fans. Keeping them inspired using these tips is a great way to keep them coming back and spreading the word about how amazing your organization is to volunteer for.

Make your Volunteers Feel Included

One of the reasons volunteers do not feel invested in a project, and may not contribute as much, is because they do not feel like they are truly a part of what is going on. As soon as a new volunteer joins your organization, make sure that they are introduced to the other volunteers and staff. After they are settled in, listen to their ideas and opinions so that they truly become a part of your organization.

Offer Volunteers Flexibility

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that volunteers have lives outside of the organization. Many of your volunteers will have full-time jobs and families in addition to volunteering. Expecting your volunteers to constantly give up those other commitments is a quick way to lose them. Instead, utilize a tailored schedule that give volunteers enough notice about times they are needed so that they do not need to rearrange other commitments.

Share Accomplishments and Milestones within the Organization

One of the reasons that many people volunteer is that they want to make a difference. If volunteers never hear that your organization is making progress, then they will become discouraged in their work. In addition, recognizing the accomplishments of individual volunteers within the organization is also a great idea for motivating, and inspiring volunteers.