Internal Communications Essentials for Organizations

Internal Communications Essentials for Organizations

The global pandemic might have started last year, but it’s still far from over, which means that these turbulent times aren’t over yet. The past months have been shaped by a virus, lockdowns, social and physical distancing, and a lot of protests.

Everyone around the world has sacrificed things and struggled to adjust to this situation, while still trying to manage their responsibilities both at work and at home.

Fortunately, there have been a few bright spots in the past few months, such as the global movement against systemic racism as well as an emphasis on mental health.

Both of these movements have also impacted companies around the world, but people are looking for more than corporate statements voicing solidarity on social media platforms.

Communications experts have been saying that this year is the year of empathy and humanity, especially in terms of communications – both internal and external. For companies, that means paying attention to employees’ wellness and health. How well businesses are able to communicate that they care about their employees can make or break communications efforts.

All of this means that companies will need digital tools that will ease their employees’ access to information . The newer generations of employees aren’t strangers to technology, and they’re consistently looking toward social media platforms to help organize their personal lives.

Employee Well Being and Flexibility

The past several months have shown everyone how important change can be, and one of the most important changes has been the shift in the attitudes of employees toward their work experience and toward the workplace in general. Plenty of people around the world are still working from home, and many of them are still not willing to return to an office, which has left companies scrambling to adapt to new remote business operations.

About 75% of workers around the country are looking to maintain flexible schedules e and to be able to continue working remotely. And these are the preferences of workers for even when it becomes safe to return to offices. To achieve that, companies have to review how they approach employee engagement, benefits, and wellness

Authenticity and Responsibility

In the past, the highest-level team members at companies were constantly focusing on messaging that reassured audiences that everything was under control during a crisis.

However these days it’s a lot more important for companies to be honest and to show genuine emotion during a crisis. For corporations, this means acknowledging how a crisis might be difficult for employees, their consumers, or even an entire country .

Instead of retreating with the messaging during a crisis, or being defensive, it’s crucial for companies to build more trust during difficult times. Additionally, companies should take socially responsible actions and not simply deliver socially responsible messaging.

That entails recruiting and retaining employees from diverse groups as well as connecting with customers and shareholders in those groups.