Kick the charity tries to find the right fit

There are more charities in the NYC area that you can count, and the number of philanthropic organizations nationwide is even more staggering. It’s relatively straightforward to narrow down the list of causes to which you want to contribute your time and monetary donation. No doubt you have interests that you want to support, and you have certain intentions when you look at the charitable resources that may deserve your company’s involvement. But coming up with a short list of general causes is entirely different from identifying the specific organization in the New York City metro area that you want to support.

Therefore, it’s important to know where your contribution of time or money is going if you really want to make the impact you intend. For instance, you may want to participate at a local level to foster involvement with your community and be able to see firsthand how your donation helps your neighbors. Volunteering at an area shelter or serving at a soup kitchen puts you up close and personal with the recipients of your contribution of time. A monetary donation is no less significant to charitable organizations, but it’s sometimes difficult to trace how your funds are distributed.

Because 5WPR is a leading NYC PR firm, we typically recommend that our for-profit clients look to regional charities when considering how to make an impression. The reason is simple: from a PR standpoint, our customers can gain the most from the localized press. Visibility is maximized at a contained level when one of our corporate clients sends a large group of employees to participate in a charity walk or donates a product or service to the silent auction at a fund raiser.

Aside from our advice to clients looking for charitable outlets, 5WPR also partners with numerous charities in the NYC area. Our marketing strategy for the non-profit organization is consistent with the advice our team gives to the for-profit companies. We focus on making the organization attractive and transparent when it comes to the donations the charity receives from generous benefactors. Not only does this method make the donors happy to trace their contribution, but it also inspires them to spread the word.