KISS Superstar says Charity is “not an Option”

KISS Superstar says Charity is “not an Option”

Some people who have a lot choose to give a lot. Others less so. But, as Ronn Torossian reports, at least one major music superstar believes “everyone” has the duty to bless others as they have been blessed.

KISS frontman Paul Stanley is deaf in his right ear. No, not because of the music, because he was born with Microtia. Some time back Stanley visited Arabella Carter, a young Canadian girl who was born without external ears. While Carter was in Los Angeles for reconstructive surgery, Stanley was at her bedside offering encouragement and well wishes.

According to coverage of the event, Stanley said: “I think in life, we need to realize that charity is never an option. It’s always an obligation. It’s something we can all do in one way or another. Everybody can’t give the same, but everybody can all give.”

Stanley added that the adage “give until it hurts” was false. “You give until it feels good. Everybody knows what they’re capable of giving, and that’s what you should give.”

As for Stanley, his gifts include financial support for Carter’s costly surgery, a procedure that will not only offer Arabella an appearance she craves but something much more valuable – the gift of hearing. It’s a “gift” Stanley understands very well. He grew up not being able to hear in one ear due to the congenital deformity that comes with Microtia. In the early ‘80s, Stanley had reconstructive surgery to fix the problem.

It’s a touching story as well as a strong statement about nonprofit PR. How is your organization encouraging opportunities to give? Are you available but not noticeable? Does your market placement or your message draw people in and make them want to support what you are doing? If not, something is broken with your system. Either you are reaching the wrong people, your message is flawed…or both.

As Stanley said, everyone can give…and most people want to. But have you answered the question, “why should they give to us?”

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