Lessons from Top Brands on Twitter

Lessons from Top Brands on Twitter
top twitter brands
top twitter brands

Twitter is one of the most successful social networks on the market. It is the driving force behind the ever growing hash tag movement, and nearly every successful business has a Twitter account. They are used for keeping customers updated, engaging interaction, and for digital marketing. A successful Twitter account can actually drive your business in directions never imagined and can your company more visible to the internet world. CEO of 5WPR, Ronn Torossian – breaks down some of his favorite brands on twitter.

What makes a site rank above others? Well different companies analyze an account’s success in different ways, but below you will a general consensus of the top  Twitter accounts on the market and what it is that makes that business such a success. You will see the layout for the following:
1. Etsy
2. Marketo
3. Bonobos
4. Paramount Pictures

Top Brands on Twitter and How They use Social Media

EtsyThe way Etsy achieved success was by encouraging its follows to not only follow their page, but to include a link to the Etsy twitter page on the seller’s own website. This was ingenious. Most people include a link to their own twitter page, but by encouraging customers to include a link to the Etsy page the customer base grew, giving clients products more visibility, and increasing Etsy’s followers and profit substantially.MarketoMarketo is a business to business service that provides in-depth analytic reporting for companies websites. They offer tools and services to target and drive revenue and conversions. Of course a business that specializes in obtaining business would be in the top few. But there are hundreds of companies like Marketo that have not made the cut. Marketo went the promotional route and used promoted Tweets to target is specific clientele and not the whole world. They increased 400% by doing this and decreased its cost by getting away from email with such huge success on Twitter.Bonobos

Bonobos is an online men’s apparel shop and really is fairly new, not even hitting its 10 year mark yet. Bonobos wanted to quickly get rid of inventory to open up space for new materials, so they did what is known as the “flock to unlock” method. This consist of people retweeting Bonobos’ tweets, and once a certain number retweets were hit, a great deal was unlocked. This left people wanting to retweet and encouraging their follows to do the same. They let the customers do the marketing for them.

Paramount Pictures

This global film producer wanted to drive opening weekend box office business. What they did was a tweet to see a sneak preview of the film and then an opening day follow up. Their goal was not just to get business from one Tweet, but to maintain the conversation with returning engagement.

These are the best ways to create user engagement on the Twittersphere.