Local Charities Scare Up Some PR This Halloween

Local Charities Scare Up Some PR This Halloween

Non-profits use the holiday to increase community engagement

During most holiday seasons we hear about how strapped, and in need local charities can be. For sure, the need out there is huge, and this time of year it seems to expand exponentially. But, how can a charity use the holiday season to actually increase it’s footprint in the community, and potentially, increase incoming holiday donations.

One word: Halloween

The scary fun family holiday is the perfect opportunity to get out into the community, and get noticed; to engender some goodwill, and increase your reputation in the community.

Whether you celebrate Halloween, fall festivals, or seasonal carnivals, people this time of year are LOOKING for opportunities for some good, clean family fun. And maybe a little spooky, naughty fun, too.

Volunteer with an existing event

Sometimes the barrier to getting out there as a group is financial. You may simply not have the resources to do something on your own. But that doesn’t mean you should do nothing. Partner up with an existing event or business that has the resources, but may lack volunteers. Then wear your branded apparel and get out and have some fun helping your community.

Do your own thing

Whether you sponsor a Trunk or Treat, host a fall festival, or go all out with a seasonal carnival, the money you invest will likely be money well spent. First, each of these events can easily be turned into fundraisers. So, beyond the community goodwill, you are filling the coffers in anticipation of the upcoming holiday season.

Be unique and welcoming

If you choose to do your own thing, don’t just mimic something someone else is already doing. Look for a way to be unique, and different. To give folks an entirely new way to get out, and have a good time.

No matter what you choose to do this spooky season, be sure to get out, and do something. Don’t let this prime opportunity pass you by.