Maintaining Customer Trust

Maintaining Customer Trust

Companies should never underestimate the great power that trust can have over their audiences, especially considering that over 80% of customers say they’re more likely to recommend a brand if they trust it. Similar numbers have also shown that those customers are also more likely to become loyal buyers if they trust the brand.

Trust is helpful for companies since it generates positive word-of-mouth marketing. However, there’s also the important factor of consumer loyalty, which helps companies grow as well . That’s mainly because loyal and returning customers spend about 30% more compared to new customers, according to marketing professionals. Trust from customers goes a long way in building a company’s long-term success. And although it’s not something that businesses can earn overnight, there are certain steps they can take to get and maintain the trust of their customers.

Meeting Expectations

One of the key benefits of getting and maintaining trust from customers is the way the company’s’ marketing efforts reflect on their products or services. If a business is trying to increase its website traffic and decides to take some shortcuts such as using clickbait or overpromising on solutions, it’s likely going to lose out on customers, their trust, and their purchases. That’s why companies should always be honest and only promise what they can deliver. This way they will meet the expectations of customers and establish and grow a trusting relationship that encourages loyalty.

Loyalty Programs

Another way that companies can create and maintain trust with customers is by offering incentives that make consumers stick around. One of the simplest ways that businesses can achieve this is by implementing loyalty programs. Many times, existing customers are going to be a lot more likely to try out new products compared to new ones . When a company offers loyalty programs to the existing customers, it strengthens their relationship with the business, and the company can still benefit from word-of-mouth marketing on their new products.

Customer Reviews

A great way for a business to show existing customers it cares about them and to establish trust with new customers is through customer reviews. When a company encourages its customers to leave reviews about its products or services, the consumers understand that the business cares about its customers and is interested in hearing about their needs. Additionally, through customer reviews, businesses can also learn which areas are in need of improvement, which also improves how well the business is able to meet customers’ needs. Customer reviews should offer relevant information and be constructive, and visible to new website visitors. It’s even better if a website has hundreds of customer reviews because that way more customers will be encouraged to leave their own reviews after making a purchase.

Negative Reviews

Last but not least, no one is perfect, which means companies aren’t able to please every single consumer. Businesses shouldn’t rush to remove all negative feedback they receive, because most of the time, it’s the negative reviews that help companies in improving the credibility of a product or a service. Additionally, responding to negative reviews also shows that a business cares about all its customers equally, while completely removing negative reviews generates more distrust.