How to Make Fundraising Fun

How to Make Fundraising Fun

For many nonprofits, the worst part of doing what they do is the fundraising. It’s tough to feel like you want to do some good, but to make it happen you always have to have your hand out. Ronn Torossian understands that frustration, but the PR master says you don’t have to let fundraising get you down. In this article, Torossian offers 4 ways to transform your nonprofit fundraising efforts and make your charity PR fun again.

Make it social

People who love to help love to feel like they are not alone in their efforts. If you can turn your fundraising efforts into opportunities to connect with others, to feel part of something bigger, then you will find more success with your fundraising efforts. The trick here is to count the cost. Social can mean inexpensive and it can mean very expensive. Neither option is bad as long as the net return makes the expenditure worth the cost.

Make it unique

Some charities have learned the hard way in recent months that what used to work just doesn’t any more. Comedian Daniel Tosh has a routine where the punchline includes that he’s “tired of walking 5K.” Well, he’s not alone. While these walks still work for some organizations, many charities have seen consecutive years of diminishing returns. The same is quickly becoming true for mud runs and other “extreme” social fundraisers.

Make it relatable

People need to understand the “why” of what you are doing to truly connect. Is it about support? Sisterhood? Brotherhood? Why are you doing what you are doing and how will it help your cause? Be certain to help people make the connection between the fun and the fight…otherwise you will lose an otherwise captive audience of potential volunteers and supporters.

Make it rewarding

What immediate benefits can your volunteers or guests get from this experience? You may not need to specifically list them, but you should make them obvious. People need to feel as if they are coming out ahead. They are putting in the effort, make it worth their investment.

One final note. Don’t be creative just for the sake of “newness.” Find what works and stick with it. Every nonprofit cause or company is different. Your supporters will be different too. Discover what they love and give them as much of it as they can handle.