Marketing Efforts and Performance

Marketing Efforts and Performance

The one thing that every company wants from its digital marketing efforts is results.

Whether that means an increase in sales or more ad click-throughs, every campaign is created with a performance-oriented goal.

However, the problem that many businesses face is unsuccessful campaigns that don’t generate the desired outcomes.

Fortunately, that problem can be solved with performance-based marketing campaigns, which are based strictly on results.

That means when a company works with a marketing agency on a digital marketing campaign, it’s only going to be paying for the results that it’s looking for, which can be anything that’s measurable.

Not only that, but measurable results are helpful in making faster decisions that can impact the course of a campaign, such as investing in different ad formats that can convert more people, changing a camping’s keywords, and more. 


If a company is looking into investing in a performance-based marketing campaign, the first step is to consider the marketing budget and any cash flow limitations that might happen along the way.

While companies only pay for the results they want to get, there are still certain financial risks involved in performance-based marketing.

Companies that are smaller, or that don’t have bigger budgets, should utilize free marketing strategies instead of performance-based ones.

However, bigger, more established companies can try performance-based marketing efforts for a period of time in order to see whether these efforts can deliver the results they want. 

Digital Presence 

Companies that are just starting out and that haven’t yet built a brand presence or brand awareness online aren’t going to benefit from performance-based marketing efforts.

That’s because these types of campaigns rely on consumers taking specific actions that the company has in mind while creating the campaign.

That’s why this type of marketing works for businesses that already have a strong online presence. 

New businesses using this marketing strategy can risk not achieving their desired results because of a lack of people who know about the business in the first place. 


Brands and corporations that want to see fast results from a single campaign can greatly benefit from performance-based marketing campaigns.

For example, if a business is trying to create a viral campaign, or if it’s trying to test out different versions of a single ad, performance marketing  can deliver real-time, accurate data to help it make the right business decisions.  


While companies only pay for the results that they want to get in performance-based marketing campaigns, this type of marketing  involves a bit more detail than that.

The companies that invest in these types of marketing efforts should have a thorough understanding of the different data points and how they’re sourced, such as web traffic, influencer marketing, paid ads, and more.

If a business doesn’t understand what data points they are using and how, then it won’t be able to get the desired results.

That’s simply because all of the big marketing decisions for a performance-based campaign are based on different data points, and because businesses that don’t understand them won’t be able to utilize them at all. 

Ronn Torossian is the CEO and Founder of 5W Public Relations. Torossian is also the author of leading PR Book ‘For Immediate Release’.