Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution

The world is at the cusp of entering a brand new era of the Internet, which is going to impact many industries, including marketing.

The first iteration of the Internet allowed people to access read-only content, and companies could use this tool to reach their target audiences.

The second iteration provided a dynamic type of content that companies could use to create mutual conversations with audiences inside large communities.

Now, the third iteration of the Internet is evolving beyond these capabilities to try to introduce a brand new business model where audiences will be happy to do business with various communities and reap their rewards.

These days, it’s no longer enough for companies to simply acquire customers and have them convert.

They also have to get them to write reviews, share their opinions and participate in the product development process by sharing their ideas.

Additionally, companies have to start providing a lot more value than simply giving the consumers different solutions, which means instead of marketing to audiences, companies will have to start marketing alongside their target audiences.


Marketing efforts used to only be focused on marketing to a large number of people with a single ad.

With the evolution of tools and technologies, as well as the marketing industry itself alongside them, companies started having conversations with each customer they had, which was great in concept but was relatively impractical and wasn’t cost-effective even with the evolution of various tools and technologies.

Next, the marketing industry could start targeting each customer personally through search, and social media after that.


With the latest iteration of the Internet, companies will no longer have to create and nurture relationships with every single customer they have.

All they will need to do is select a subset of all the customers and cater to them.

To connect with that group, companies will have to create communities that have membership limits on platforms like Telegram, or Discord.

On those platforms, businesses can establish their presence, and share their identity, values, purpose, and passions, while still collaborating with all the other members of the community.

The reason why these communities will have to be limited in terms of memberships is that it’s going to be a lot easier for companies to manage smaller communities instead of having to communicate with every single customer they might have.

Additionally, once companies start launching their own non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other similar projects, these types of digital collectibles tend to have a limited number which restricts the number of people who are able to gain access to that community at any one time.

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