May I Help You?

How many times have you walked down a store aisle and responded to a salesclerk’s query about assistance with, “Just looking”? Browsing appears to have migrated to YouTube which claims that 90% of people find new merchandise there with a 40% plus purchase rate.

Regardless of what the actual numbers are, the fact is that more and more shoppers are browsing and buying merchandise online. About 55% search on Google for a product, then often frequent YouTube to learn even more by watching videos of the items they’re interested in.

There are two takeaways from this data. One is that shoppers are becoming more inclined to purchase a product after they’ve seen and learned more about it. The second is obvious. Video has become more and more important in swaying potential shoppers to buy your product. Use video if you’re not already doing so.

With about 2 billion active monthly users, YouTube is a powerful marketing tool if you’re already employing it. If you’re not, you should be. Marketers who utilize video on You Tube garner 66% more qualified leads than their counterparts who don’t. And 83% claim that video also gives them a considerably larger return on investment.

But if only it was that easy. Simply creating a video and publishing it on You Tube is not the answer. Your video, like your product, will be competing with many others. It must stand out.

How To Stand Out

In earlier articles, we stressed the importance of knowing as much about your target audience as possible. When you’re armed with that kind of information, you can better tailor your video to them. Doing this will differentiate your product from the competition and stand out. It’s important that your videos be short and to the point. Two or three minutes work best.

Similar to your print pieces, share stories about and from happy customers. Nothing speaks louder and more credibly than a satisfied customer.

Leverage your influencers and utilize them in your videos, too. They already have a large following and word among followers will spread even more quickly. Consider having a competition among your influencers with the one garnering the most likes winning a special prize.

Utilize all of your social media channels for your videos. Even LinkedIn can be powerful since it’s home to many leading business and professional people.

What About B2B?

Most of the same guidelines apply but there are a few exceptions. One is timing. Mondays are generally the worst day to send out your video because it starts the work week and invariably there’s a pile of work on a senior executive’s desk. Fridays also don’t work week because many executives are trying to clear their desks so they can enjoy the weekend. Studies show Thursday as usually being the best day to send out your video followed by Wednesday.

Make your ask sooner than later and put some energy and emotion in your video. Your business customers not only wish to be informed, but also engaged.

And to foster enthusiasm within your organization, seek out some in-house talent. It will not only foster better morale and excitement, but get employees engaged and helping to spread the word.