Mistakes With Irrelevant Marketing Efforts

Mistakes With Irrelevant Marketing Efforts

According to reports, when companies get personalization efforts in their marketing campaigns completely wrong it tends to drive away customers.

Over 80% of consumers that have received irrelevant marketing efforts have decided to distance themselves from the brand targeted them, with about 40% immediately unsubscribing to all of the marketing content for the business, 20% blocking all the content from the company on social media platforms, and another 20% deciding to not purchase from that business again.

That means companies have to work hard not to mistarget their marketing efforts.

Customer Data

Target and marketing campaigns are greatly supported with data and insights on the customers so companies can create and deliver relevant marketing materials.

Although digital marketing is an incredibly powerful and effective tool as part of a company’s overall marketing strategy, just like any other very powerful tool it’s going to become misused and mismanaged when it loses its effectiveness.

When companies decide to automate elements of their marketing efforts, that doesn’t mean they should set it, and then forget all about it because that results in poor execution.

In fact, when it comes to digital marketing campaigns, they tend to require constant effort, attention, and optimization to ensure that the business is delivering the right messages, to the right customers, at the right time, and not wasting its budget.


One of the most common mistakes that many companies make when targeting customers, is retargeting past customers with content about the purchase they just made.

The second most common mistake that companies make in their digital marketing efforts are sending marketing messages and content for age-inappropriate products, or products that are designed for a gender that that customer doesn’t identify with, without them ever making similar purchases in the past.

Personal connections with brands are very important to customers because people need to feel like they have a meaningful relationship with the companies they do business with.

When customers give companies their data willingly, companies should use that data in a helpful manner, and not mismanage it to the point where the audience is turned off by that business.

Given the amount of time, money, and tell him that companies tend to spend on personalization for their marketing efforts and campaigns, and they should be mindful that those targeting and personalization efforts are truly paying off at the end of the day, and not turning customers away from the business.