Motivating Employees

Motivating Employees

Everybody wants to feel valued. Each employee wants to feel like they are part of the team and they matter. The pandemic has led to challenges for people across the world.

Businesses have been trying to keep up with work, employee motivation, acquisition, and retention. A different kind of work setup has also impacted employee motivation.

Millions of employees have quit their jobs and businesses have been left wondering what they should do to retain their employees.

Given below are tips to help employees stay motivated during uncertain times.

Build a Stellar Team

Everybody wants to be a part of a winning team. A winning team needs to have a sense of unity.

Each member of the team should know what the business goals are and it should be ensured that everyone knows what they can do to contribute.

Employees should be encouraged to work together as a team.  Certain teamwork rules can be implemented.

For instance, if an employee is dealing with a problem for more than ten minutes, they are required to ask for help from another team member. This can be called the ten-minute rule.

Demonstrate Empathy

Each employee faces challenges in their own way and it is normal for them to feel overwhelmed. At times like these, they should be made to feel that they are being supported by their colleagues and their employers.

They should be asked how they are doing and what support they would need to do their job. Company resources that they can tap into for support should be identified.

There can be different types of resources such as employee assistance programs or wellness and mindfulness programs.

Show Appreciation

It is important to create a culture of appreciation and advancement. Remote and in-office workers can be offered perks. Using ‘thank you’s should be standard practice.

Employees should never feel overlooked or unappreciated as that would cause a dip in their levels of motivation and also impact their engagement. Employers will retain their employees if they show appreciation.

There can be ‘Employee Appreciation Day’ or ‘Employee of the month’ can also be highlighted. Celebrating milestones is also an effective way of making employees feel valued.

Employee appreciation speeches can be given where contributions of employees can be highlighted.

Offer Flexibility

Offering flexibility in the workplace is a great way to keep employees motivated.

As a result of the pandemic, many businesses have adopted flexible work arrangements, such as compressed workweeks and remote working.

The fact that employees may have to look after children or elders should also be considered. Deadlines can be altered accordingly.

Employees can also be allied to schedule their work around their children and elders who need their attention.

Conduct Gaming Sessions

Interactive gaming sessions can be set up in the workplace. A separate space can be allotted for such engaging activities. This would create a refreshing environment for the employees.

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