Navigating Post-Pandemic Crisis Communications Situations

Navigating Post-Pandemic Crisis Communications Situations

Recently, the airline company American Airlines stated that it had canceled a number of flights because of various issues, such as maintenance and staffing shortages. The airline had been facing challenges for several weeks while the demand for travel has dramatically increased throughout that time. In a single day, about 6% of the company’s schedule, which equals 190 flights, were canceled. 

According to the airline, that equated to about 3% of the total number of flights, which includes the ones that were operated by regional carriers as well. Additionally, according to an internal company list, the main reason for the cancellations was because the airline company couldn’t find any flight crews that would be available for those flights.

While American Airlines stated that it would be cutting down its overall flight schedule by about 1% throughout the month of July, and that would help ease some of these disruptions, plenty of other US airlines are trying to keep up with the increase in demand for air travel too.

This increase is because a number of governments have lifted various restrictions relating to the pandemic, and have allowed certain businesses and attractions to reopen. However, the sudden announcement from public officials came as a surprise to many companies who spent a large part of the last year trying to reduce their staff members.

Aside from American Airlines, plenty of other companies are in the process of hiring hundreds of new employees to be able to navigate the surge in demand. Companies around the country are making very targeted changes, aiming to impact the lowest number of clients with those changes.

For example, Delta Airlines is another company that’s in the process of hiring hundreds of people to fill in customer service agent positions, to be able to cover the demand.

Additionally, due to bad weather around the country, many flight crews have also been unable to get to their assigned flights, which further impacted the flight disruptions. Unfortunately, the sudden decision from all of these airline companies resulted in negative feedback from the public.

Many members of the public have been rightfully expressing their negative opinions because these cancellations came as a surprise.

Furthermore, a number of businesses around the country have also been struggling to fill positions towards the end of the pandemic, as many people are unwilling to go back to work at jobs with low wages. Not only that, but plenty of fast-food chains have had to close down as they have been unable to fill various positions before re-opening.

The companies that have seen the most success in this period, have been the ones that were able to anticipate the increase in demand from consumers, as well as, the ones that were able to anticipate the changes in employee behavior and expectations and adjusted accordingly.