Social Media can Improve your Next Non profit Event

Social Media can Improve your Next Non profit Event

As winter gives way to spring, New York City public relations firms like 5WPR prepare to manage countless charity events across the city. While, in many cases, guests are there to see and be seen, public relations experts like Ronn Torossian point out that it is important to keep them engaged and interacting with your brand.

With that in mind, here are a few different ways social media savvy firms can get the best charity PR out of every single event.

#1 – Encourage participation on social media

Before, during and after the event, ask questions and take surveys that people can answer on your social media page. Use QR codes to link guests directly to specific questions, comment sections or content. Make it easy for them to engage and encourage feedback.

#2 – Get guests using smart phones early and often

Chances are if you can get your guests to take their phones out and get them taking pictures, then they will share those shots via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Providing multiple short entertainment opportunities both inside and outside the event will not only keep guests entertained, it will keep them snapping photos and sharing videos online.

#3 – Photo ops

Set up various places in and around the event venue that absolutely scream “photo

opportunity.” Then have staff or volunteers waiting nearby to offer to take a photograph for them. When asked why, Ronn Torossian explains that guests will appreciate the gesture and have one more pic of them dressed to kill that they would love to share with all their friends. Each time they post, upload or share a pic from your event, your organization is also being promoted.

#4 – Publicly thank sponsors via social media

There is always a point during an event that sponsors are publicly thanked. Instead of simply mentioning their names or putting a logo up on a big screen, have QR codes set up that link back to their sites or social media pages. Put these in the program and, during the “thanking” time, encourage guests to thank those sponsors by scanning those codes. Now, instead of initiating passive interest in the sponsor, your event will drive direct traffic to their site. The sponsor gets much more bang for their buck and will be that much more likely to continue sponsorship.

With these few action steps companies like 5WPR stay ahead of the game by keeping charity event guests engaged while driving more traffic to the organization’s website and social media and encouraging continued sponsor generosity.