A Video is Worth a Million Words: Crafting Your Nonprofit’s Video

A Video is Worth a Million Words: Crafting Your Nonprofit’s Video

One of the most important things a nonprofit has to do is these days is create a video. This video must not just be slapped together casually. It has to be thought out carefully, and it has to showcase the nonprofit’s mission in the best light possible. If you want to craft the best possible video for your nonprofit, follow this guide to help you get it right.

Remember the Three C’s

The most important things to keep in mind when you are creating our nonprofit’s video are the three C’s: Concise, Clean and Compelling. Keeping these three words in mind is the foundation with which you can construct a video that will show your nonprofit off in the best light possible.

Keep the Focus Outward

When you are coming up with your video, make sure that you keep the focus pointed outward. This means that you need to avoid focusing on your organization. Instead, you need your video to focus on the cause that your organization is fighting for. No one wants to watch a boring video about the structure and services that a nonprofit provides. They would much rather have their heartstrings tugged by seeing video of a moving cause. The bulk of the images in your nonprofit’s video should be designed to illicit emotion by showcasing the cause that you are targeting.

Keeping in mind this outward focus, make sure that you try to keep interviews with your staff members down to a minimum in the video. Interviews with people outside your organization will be much more effective.

Keep It Concise

Being concise is arguably the most important of the three C’s. It is easy to bore people if your video is too long. Do not have anyone rambling on in the video. People are busy, and they are much more receptive to clear messages that come in tight packages.

Focus on Production Value

One of the most important things about your video is that it looks professional. You should get professional help to create your video if you want it to be clear and compelling. Even if you just get expert help for a few days, it can make a world of difference in the quality of the video you produce.

If you follow these tips, you will be well on your way to creating a masterful video for your nonprofit. Keep the three C’s in mind, and always remember that you need to keep the video interesting to capture viewers’ attention.

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