How Nonprofit PR can connect with Activists

How Nonprofit PR can connect with Activists

One of the best ways for many nonprofit PR campaigns to get healthy and stay healthy is to connect well with committed activists. In this article, 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian talks about how charities can seek to connect with activists in a meaningful way in 2013.

Ronn Torossian states that, when trying to engender support from activists, often having the right cause is simply not enough. Nonprofit groups need to visibly share some of the same vision and values of the activists in order to earn their support. With that in mind, here are four topics activists care about most in 2013, according to The NonProfit Times.


The “how” and “what” of this one changes depending on whom you talk to, but, in general, activists want to support a company or organization known to be deeply in support of reasonable corporate regulations (that matter to them). Again, “reasonable” is up for debate. But the takeaway here is if you can get on board with support that is good for both the environment and for business, you will likely find fast friends in the activist community.

Digital Freedom

Does your organization support the right to privacy online? If your group operates in the tech field, you may wish to consider it. Grassroots support groups for tech charities and nonprofit organizations associated with the technology industry (including nonprofit social media PR) should give strong consideration to supporting digital freedom and protection of privacy rights online.

Supply Chain Transparency

“Where does it come from?” is becoming the “it” question for manufacturers. Several developers have recently released apps that allow consumers to scan a barcode and see the entire corporate chain from which that product springs. With the constant development of these applications, Ronn Torossian discusses 4 ways nonprofit PR firms are harnessing technology   Now that this information is becoming more readily available, people are beginning to pay more attention – and care more as well. Major charities such as Greenpeace and Rainforest Network are on board, as are major international corporations like Disney and Nike.

Money in Politics

There has always been an interest in this subject, but in the age of PACs and IRS scrutiny, money in politics will be huge for nonprofits this year for both, the organizations that collect donations, and those that give as nonprofit subsidiaries of for-profit corporations. The issue here is not what is given, but when, to whom and how much. Transparency translates into outstanding nonprofit PR. 5WPR and Ronn Torossian counsels nonprofit clients to be as transparent as possible with where the money goes.

While, at first, these concerns may not seem to be a blip on your radar, Ronn Torossian suggests that you may want to think more deeply about how these issues are related to your nonprofit activities. The activists are certainly thinking about it and using your response to these issues as a filter for every other public relations message you release.