Effectiveness of NPR’s Latest Charity PR Bid

Effectiveness of NPR’s Latest Charity PR Bid

For a large, and largely taken for granted, nonprofit corporation, the challenge can often be keeping people engaged in a way that will motivate them to continue to give with regularity. In this article, 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian uses NPR’s latest charity PR bid to unpack this idea

PBS and NPR have teamed up to keep donors engaged this summer with an interesting “Field Trip” campaign. The nonprofit PR campaign suggests 10 books for parents to use to get the kids off the couch and out exploring. While it may seem counterproductive to use books to promote outdoor activity, NPR says that idea is simply shortsighted.

They are banking on this campaign to keep their donors engaged throughout the traditionally slack summer months. Here are three ways this charity PR campaign works.

Keeps NPR Front of Mind

Because the books were chosen directly because of NPR, any families who take this summertime challenge will trace the credit directly back to NPR. In addition, these connected thoughts keep the nonprofit enterprise “front of mind” in a time when parents are generally more concerned about vacation, childcare and sunscreen. As a top PR firm in NYC, 5WPR has implemented numerous campaigns of this type.

Invites a Response

Because there are multiple books on the list, the very nature of the nonprofit PR invites a response. Parents can pick and choose what books they want their kids to read. Plus, they can read one and keep coming back for more. Either way, the program invites connected families to respond, rate the books and share their experiences. These repeated positive interactions will strengthen the brand in the minds of those families.

Creates an Expectation

When a family commits to engage in this way, even if they only choose three or four books instead of all 10, that decision creates an expectation. When that engagement delivers priceless summer memories, those families will have NPR and PBS to thank. That gratitude will definitely transform into goodwill for the organization –and likely financial support.

For more information about how to use targeted charity PR to establish or build your nonprofit’s brand, contact Torossian and 5WPR.