When it comes to any type of sales pitch, the goal should always be to entertain the target audience. These days, according to research, the average person spends over two hours of their day on social media platforms. This information is important because most people treat social media as both an outlet and as their […]

With changing lifestyles, merging communication channels is an in-depth strategy that can be used to introduce products and services, build a brand, and provide customer service. Goals normally guide decisions as to which social media platforms should be chosen and for what purposes. An outdoor equipment manufacturer who plans to launch a new type of […]

Most traditional marketing strategies tend to create content and broadcast it to the target audience. However, with inbound marketing, companies can focus on getting the consumers to come to the business instead. Inbound marketing has four separate stages and is quite efficient at getting repeat or loyal customers for businesses. It starts with attracting potential […]

There are plenty of different marketing strategies that brands can utilize in their campaigns, but the most effective ones include engaging and interesting events around various holidays or observances. That’s precisely what the fast-food giant McDonalds recently did with a brand new campaign that celebrates National Fry Day. Event Marketing The company announced right before […]

Relationships with customers is the bedrock of every business. Like any other relationship , relationships with customers require investment of time and nurturing.   A small business I will enjoy the advantage of building customer rapport. In the era of customer empowerment, customers can choose to buy from whoever they want. However, if they find […]

Most people don’t see marketing as an authentic process, however businesses still have to have brand authenticity to see success. In the past, companies were willing to do whatever it takes to make sales, from overstating the effectiveness of their solutions, to claiming that they were the best all over the world. In more recent […]

Recently, the airline company American Airlines stated that it had canceled a number of flights because of various issues, such as maintenance and staffing shortages. The airline had been facing challenges for several weeks while the demand for travel has dramatically increased throughout that time. In a single day, about 6% of the company’s schedule, […]

One of the biggest live streaming platforms in the world, Twitch, faced a big issue with its content creators, also known as streamers, last year due to DMCA takedowns. In May of last year, a number of streamers suddenly received takedown requests, asking them to take down, or in other words, essentially remove, any content […]