When creating public relations campaigns, companies should always be relying on research and planning. There are no substitutes for these two elements, as they are essential pieces of PR management because companies have to be strategic in their efforts if they want to impact their reputations positively. Through research and planning, all communication from a […]

For companies, reach is the measure of how well social media activities are doing with their target audience , as well as an indicator of the number of people that are getting exposed to the company. To be able to increase a company’s reach doesn’t always mean an increase in revenue, unless that reach includes […]

Year after year, the marketing industry remains a changing field , and sometimes changes happen so fast that it’s difficult for businesses to keep up with everything . Although many businesses don’t have big budgets that would allow them to pursue different channels at the same time, it’s still important for them to diversify their […]

There are hundreds of strategies and tactics that business owners can choose from when looking to promote their businesses, products, or services. That makes it difficult to choose the right one, and despite how praised certain campaign strategies might be, they don’t work for every type of company. Furthermore, promotional campaigns should be executed consistently, […]

Several weeks ago, parts of the United States underwent a fuel shortage after a ransomware attack targeted the Colonial Pipeline. The situation resulted in the pipeline shutting down its operations for several hours and notifying the public of the issue, while also offering encouragement that there was no need for any fear or panic. Unfortunately, […]

Living in a world that’s becoming increasingly worried about sustainability means that marketers and marketing teams have to start changing the way they work. Although this doesn’t come as a surprise for many marketers, as the marketing industry itself is constantly changing. However, it’s time for markets themselves to end the high production shoots for […]

Businesses of any size are vulnerable to PR headaches resulting from a crisis. A crisis can ruin a business’s reputation or even result in harm to people or property in the industry. These problems only increase the pressure from stakeholders to ensure that the business overcomes the situation as quickly as possible. During this time, […]

The global pandemic might have started last year, but it’s still far from over, which means that these turbulent times aren’t over yet. The past months have been shaped by a virus, lockdowns, social and physical distancing, and a lot of protests. Everyone around the world has sacrificed things and struggled to adjust to this […]