Influencers’ power has been written up a lot, but far less has been said about employees whom one could argue may have even more credibility. Why? Although the brand employs them, they aren’t expected to advocate for it, nor are they paid to. In a reverse way, they bring a believability like that of a […]

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Bill Gates were born two centuries apart, but the two shared some really close similarities and marked differences. Both were brilliant and experts on the keyboard, albeit one was on a piano and the other, a computer. However, when it came to reviews, they were miles apart. “I pay no attention […]

Although a lot has been written about the stresses and challenges of leaders in today’s pandemic world, little has been reported about the recipients of their stress, their managers, and direct reports. Yet, the success of these managers and the companies they work for depends on everyone’s performance and well-being. A study earlier this year […]

One of the hardest tasks for the crisis communication team is to develop an effective crisis management plan. During a crisis, the risks can be very high and because it’s difficult to predict or plan for a crisis. However, if the communication is more flexible and connects the different departments, the crisis communication team can […]

It would be understandable to think of disruptors as folks who have been protesting recently. But in the industrial world, disruptor takes on a totally different meaning. It stands for companies that disrupt the existing marketplace with a new service or product. CNBC recently named the top 50 disruptor companies that took digital technology a […]

YouTube is the most effective platform for video marketing based on data gathered by global web agency Go-Globe. Nearly four out of five marketers (78.5%) felt that way while Facebook trailed at 58.5%. Despite this, what’s surprising is that only 24% of marketers polled by Sprout Social said they were planning a YouTube Live strategy […]

Ever wish we were in Brigadoon, a word Merriam-Webster defines as a “place that is idyllic” or “remote from reality”? The pandemic has moved lots of people into wishful modes, and one of the good consequences for CMOs is that many consumers have been flocking to their smartphones and laptops to escape, if only for […]

Being a non-profit organization on a mission to help the brave men and women in law enforcement, the National Police Association strives to honor fallen heroes, advocate for police across the country, support officers during court proceedings, and oppose unfair treatment towards law enforcement officers. Remaining vigilant and rallying patriotic citizens to stand in support of law […]