Press Kits in 2022: Creating a Memorable Press Kit

Press Kits in 2022: Creating a Memorable Press Kit

Any associated fact sheets, images, logos, videos, or different types of assets alongside factual information about a business comprises its press kit. Press kits are created so that journalists have everything they might need as background information when writing a story about a business.

Press kits are also sometimes called a media kit, and they are an essential element of any company’s PR outreach strategy.


These days, most information from businesses is presented in an electronic format. Just a few years ago, companies had to print out their press kits and mail them to journalists, but that’s no longer necessary.

For an electronic press kit, companies have to provide journalists with information, as well as web links to a page that will contain their logos, photos, videos, management bios, fact sheets, and previous press coverage.

All of this content can be presented on a Media Center, About Page, or Press page of a business website. This will let journalists or any other website visitor easily find and download what they need from businesses.

While businesses can always send the same information to journalists via email, in the form of a PDF or PowerPoint, it’s best to make the press kit as self-serve as possible to make it more efficient.

Background and Bio

The goal of a press kit is to make it easy for journalists to find basic information about a business, which means one must include the company’s mission statement, history, funding sources, and any other information that could be relevant for media coverage.

It should also contain short bios of the members on the leadership team, as well as on the founders and board of directors. This adds more credibility to the company because all of the accomplishments and qualifications of the business leaders are provided.

Fact Sheets and Press Releases

Any journalist who’s looking to write a story about a business needs to familiarize themselves with that company’s products or services. That means a company’s press kit needs to include a short fact sheet that helps reporters understand anything they need regarding the company’s solutions, such as the launch dates of products, their features, value proposition, and pricing.

Since most businesses send press releases to outlets whenever they launch a new product, they have plenty of previous press releases.

Those old press releases can also be added to a company’s press kit or media page, especially if they’ve been published on another outlet. Any of the previous press releases that have been published should also include information on how the publication has made an impact on the overall trajectory of the business.

The media page or press kit should also have the email addresses, social media accounts, and other contact info of the company’s PR team, so journalists can reach out if they have any questions when writing a story.

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