Prevalence of Mobile Marketing

Prevalence of Mobile Marketing

After over a year of marketing budgets being cut down around the world because of the pandemic, one of the strongest marketing channels for companies has proven to be mobile platforms.

Companies that were able to incorporate a mobile-first approach saw an increase in opportunities to reach out to their consumers through social media, which then ended up increasing their digital advertising budgets.

While the world is still mostly staying at home, one of the most important promotional aspects is mobile marketing, which has turned into a key component of many companies’ marketing campaigns.

Mobile marketing should be a big segment of any marketing strategy because it’s easy to implement, especially during the pandemic, and  effective.

With most people spending plenty of time on their phones scrolling down on their social media feeds, there’s a captive audience that companies should be tapping into.


Mobile marketing is incredibly effective, with SMS being one of the most engaging aspects of mobile marketing, giving companies the highest return on investment. This is because, with the help of text messages, companies are able to directly communicate with their consumers, and given that nearly every resident in the US has a phone, they can reach a large number of people.

Additionally, most consumers open their text messages at very high rates, generally within a few minutes after they receive them. Not only that, but the engagement rates for text messages and SMS marketing campaigns are over 100 times higher compared to email or social media marketing campaigns.


Aside from being incredibly effective at reaching millions of people around the country, mobile marketing is also incredibly flexible, which allows marketers to market to consumers across a number of different industries.

For example, in the financial services industry, many people are keeping a close eye on their finances, and with the help of text messages they can receive immediate information about their payments, deposits, and any other transactions they make.

Moreover,  mobile marketing and phones in general enable two factor authentication, which improves privacy and security for consumers. Furthermore, with the help of text messages, consumers and companies have a faster method for communicating with each other.

This method includes things such as sending questions to customer service and receiving answers quickly and even sending out order confirmations for the online purchases of the consumers.

Ease of Implementation

Finally, one of the easiest marketing strategies to implement is mobile marketing, and specifically text message marketing . This is because practically any company can quickly and easily integrate SMS into their marketing efforts by just following a beginners approach.

This means starting with the basics, which involves letting the customers sign up for an SMS newsletter, then introducing more complex actions.

Those actions and activations can be sending out segmented campaigns through text messages to  the most loyal consumers. And the last stage is sending out a short survey to the consumers through a text message, which provides companies with almost immediate feedback.