Public Relations

For companies to make a strong impact, a considerable bandwidth is not needed. With a succinct message like, ‘Just Do It’, and a strong call to action, online marketing strategies fuse together the best qualities of the billboard and direct mail formats to develop an intimate relationship with online consumers. The challenge remains for the […]

Companies should never underestimate the great power that trust can have over their audiences, especially considering that over 80% of customers say they’re more likely to recommend a brand if they trust it. Similar numbers have also shown that those customers are also more likely to become loyal buyers if they trust the brand. Trust […]

With the vast amount of data available, all aspects of marketing, from advertising to product development, can be influenced and improved to make it more relevant to customers and more profitable to businesses. So much digital information is being collected on users, demographics, transactions and much more, which is changing marketing. Marketers are currently using […]

People that decide to run Kickstarter campaigns understand how important it is to market their ideas in a way that generates the largest number of supporters and donations. However, even before a project begins, it’s important to plan ahead for Kickstarter campaigns. Kickstarter-worthy Idea The first step in creating a marketing strategy for a Kickstarter […]

It’s not always easy for businesses in the B2B industry to create campaigns that have a lot of empathy and evoke different feelings from their buyers. This is generally because the B2B industry is perceived as a more professional rather than emotional market, so it becomes a bit more complicated for such businesses to elicit […]

Back when it was first established, the social photo-sharing platform Pinterest wasn’t too popular, but these days, it generally drives over 30% more referral traffic to different shopping websites compared to Facebook. Brand Equity One of the things that businesses can achieve with the help of Pinterest is an increase in exposure and strength of […]

Plenty of marketers tend to put a lot of focus on driving traffic to a company’s website. However, that’s a relatively easy task these days. The real challenge comes when companies have to convert as much of that website traffic as possible with the use of effective conversion rate optimization. These days, the smallest changes […]

These days, memes have managed to evolve to a point where they’ve become one of the languages that many people speak. In fact, there are so many conversations that are happening only using memes now that most people these days only need to follow a couple of accounts sharing memes to stay updated on what’s […]