Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian and the Ronn Torossian Foundationhave made it their mission to support a variety of groups that make it their mission to give back to people who do great things. The Ronn Torossian Foundation is especially dedicated to helping organizations that are devoted to education, health care, fostering community, and Judaism.

Corporate responsibility is an important aspect of business today as it has become essential for businesses to manage their goodwill. Social media also helps companies and brands to easily connect with customers and other stakeholders. While some brands are only looking for ways to promote themselves through social media platforms others use these platforms to […]

The key to making a brand accessible is ensuring that brand content is relatable and interesting to even the individuals that may not necessarily be customers. This is why using social media as part of digital accessibility strategy has become crucial. Social media has been identified as one of the most effective ways to reach […]

When consumers are deciding to choose between two or more products, the most important factor they take into consideration is trust. One of the best ways that companies can build more trust with their customers is through content marketing efforts. It’s important for companies to build trust with their customers because those relationships can impact […]

Video content has become a popular tool for public relations efforts across every industry. These days companies of all sizes and across all industries have started using video content to showcase their expertise and tell their stories in a digestible format for their audiences. By using video content, companies can take something that might be […]

Data and analytics help companies make better business decisions in the future. To get more data and improve their analytics there are plenty of tools and technologies the companies can use to generate more insights, visualize data, and even predict customer interactions. Using these types of tools helps companies get more value from their marketing […]

Just a few years ago, most business owners believed that they needed to create articles that were over 2000 words long if they wanted their business to rank on the first pages of search engine results. However, for specific topics and industries, most consumers don’t want to read so many words. The most basic example […]

According to reports, when companies get personalization efforts in their marketing campaigns completely wrong it tends to drive away customers. Over 80% of consumers that have received irrelevant marketing efforts have decided to distance themselves from the brand targeted them, with about 40% immediately unsubscribing to all of the marketing content for the business, 20% […]

A volunteer program is an effective way to give back to communities. Volunteerism has been on the rise in the corporate world. The pandemic has sensitized people to the needs of society. A good volunteer program increases engagement, boosts productivity, and increases retention. Volunteer programs can come in all sizes and shapes, and they depend […]