Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian and the Ronn Torossian Foundationhave made it their mission to support a variety of groups that make it their mission to give back to people who do great things. The Ronn Torossian Foundation is especially dedicated to helping organizations that are devoted to education, health care, fostering community, and Judaism.

Quite a few nonprofits have understood the importance of sharing their story with the world around them. Proper engagement with the supporters of a nonprofit changes the relationships with them from impersonal and transactional to loyal and constant. This engagement will come from conversations that will take place online, in person or both. Social media […]

Marketing and promoting the mission of a nonprofit can be challenging. Telling stories about the cause of a nonprofit to its supporters can work well because stories are easier to remember than statistics. Storytelling can also lead to free word-of-mouth marketing. Storytelling can come in all shapes and sizes and nonprofits have plenty of material […]

A marketing campaign for any organization will be effective only when multiple channels are used to get its message across. The nonprofit sector has witnessed steady growth over the last few decades, with a major reason for this growth being its humanitarian goals. The competition in this field is also severe. Without an effective communication […]

For any nonprofit, it is important to define the audience they are trying to reach. Without taking this step, creating fundraising campaigns is a waste of resources. Defining the audience helps nonprofits focused on people who will impact their success. Given below are techniques that nonprofits can adopt to identify their target audiences Nonprofits Have […]

Companies that are looking to improve their marketing campaigns should be investing in data analytics to make better decisions, generate more conversions and revenue, and improve the overall quality of their marketing campaigns. There are many different types of data analytics in terms of marketing, such as social media analytics, website analytics, and SEO analytics. […]

There are many ways that companies can master their marketing efforts, but the best one is to use data analytics to inform and optimize any marketing effort. Between personalization, valuable content, and the buying persona, companies can use analytics to optimize every single touchpoint with their customers. Personalization Over half of all consumers are more […]

Plenty of people find separating public relations and marketing quite difficult. In the last few years, social media platforms only managed to add to the confusion by blurring the lines between the two even further. Most of the confusion regarding those two terms arises from their overlapping objectives and frequent collaboration. However, while the main […]

Most of the time, when a company creates a press release for a new announcement, there is pressure from the owners or board to send it to publications immediately. However, sending out a press release as soon as it’s finished doesn’t really work in the public relations industry. In fact, sending out a press release […]