Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits

Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits

Quite a few nonprofits have understood the importance of sharing their story with the world around them.

Proper engagement with the supporters of a nonprofit changes the relationships with them from impersonal and transactional to loyal and constant.

This engagement will come from conversations that will take place online, in person or both.

Social media platforms are excellent tools for nonprofits to reach donors and volunteers.

They do not need many staff members to manage them and the message can reach a large number of people.

They can tell their story, drive donations, and engage with their supporters. Given below are some social media marketing tips for nonprofits.

Share Stories

Social media platforms give nonprofits the opportunity to connect with supporters who hold the same interests or beliefs. The story has to be about someone or something.

They can be about victims of flood or people left unemployed by the pandemic.

It can include photos, videos, or just text. An important element of every fundraising story is the problem.

The story should talk about what the problem is, why is it important, and how the nonprofit can solve it. For instance, Pad Project does a wonderful job of telling their story on social media.

In their Instagram posts they share some of the conflicts their beneficiaries face. The conflict is that they lack access to period products. The problem is important because it causes the students to miss school.

Create a Hashtag Series

A nonprofit can customize its own hashtag series and create content around that hashtag for greater visibility.

For instance, Lung Cancer Foundation of America have their hashtag series, #LivingWithLungCancer and they produce content which focuses on the human side of the disease they are trying to cure.

Initiate Conversations

On social media, nonprofits don’t just post news, they initiate conversations.

They ask their audience for their opinions, ideas, and feedback. The goal of social media posts is to capture the attention of the target audience and motivate them to respond and share.

The audience can be invited to participate in the social media posts via polls, surveys, and questions. It is not only engaging for the audience but it also helps the nonprofits to know more about them.

Ask supporters what they are reading or listening to.

Questions should be promptly answered, even if it is to give a note of thanks.

Be Grateful

Nonprofits can use social media platforms to thank and acknowledge supporters. If a nonprofit has received a donation, it is better to turn to social media to say thanks.

Patrons would feel nice to be appreciated.

Promote Events

If a nonprofit is hosting an event, social media platforms can be used to get the word out. The event can also be set up on Facebook so that people can register easily.

Pictures of the event can be shared as posts. Posts can also be tied to upcoming holidays and volunteers can be highlighted.