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5 Social Media Tricks to Increase Donations and Volunteer Engagement

Limited budgets, particularly for smaller organizations, mean that public relations companies cannot afford to let a prime charity PR opportunity pass them by. Fortunately, there are legions of willing and able social-media-savvy volunteers out there ready to help you spread the word. You just have to get them – and keep them – engaged. Here are 5 tips from Ronn Torossian of 5WPR to to increase donations and volunteer engagement

Build the Right Foundation

If you don’t yet have a solid social media presence on several platforms, stop right now. Get your internal PR people on that or contact 5WPR. Lack of robust social media platforms leads to limited volunteer engagement. That means you are losing money every day.

Be Sure to Use the Right Tool for the Job

Many people wonder which social media platform is “best” for them. That’s not the correct question. Each social media platform has a primary purpose. A professional social media reputation management firm can help you leverage each platform for the best results.

Encourage your Fans and Followers to Comment and Share

Sometimes all you need to do to increase volunteer engagement is ask. Your fans and followers will gladly share your content if you ask them. They love your organization already. So invite them to share the love.

Engage in the Conversation

Whether it’s on a blog or social media site, the longer a discussion continues, the more attention is attracts. So don’t just post on blogs and social media. Engage, discuss, challenge and encourage. Keep the conversation going and it will keep your organization “front of mind” for your volunteers.

Post Timely and Appropriate Content

Don’t let every post begin and end with your hand out. There is nothing wrong with asking for donations. This is part and parcel of being a charity organization. But if that is ALL you do online, your fans and followers will quickly lose interest. Timely comments, blog posts or responses to daily items of interest will give your fans a reason to keep coming back. And quality content will encourage them to get – and stay – engaged.