Staging Media Events Today

Staging Media Events Today

A single media release may not be successful in capturing the media’s attention. An unusual, media-focused event is almost always successful in creating curiosity.

To attract the attention of the media, it is important to stage an event, which in itself, is newsworthy. Media events may have different aims.

They may be arranged to inform the media, or they can provide the media with an opportunity for coverage.

They can be news conferences, publicity stunts, special events, or fundraiser campaigns.

With normal consumer behaviors resuming in a post-pandemic world, marketers and PR professionals should be ready to tackle the challenges posed by the pandemic, and reassure the target audience of the safety of their media event.

Communication Ideas

Prior to the events, some communication ideas should be used to make sure that the media attend the event.

The invitation and media release should be sent to the media a couple of weeks before the event.

This should be followed by a telephone call. It helps to have journalists in the inner circle.

Pick a Venue

When it comes to PR events, choosing a venue is an important decision. It should be easy for guests to travel to. The venue should help make the event an immersive one.

If the event is hybrid, then the venue should be capable enough to keep running the real and the virtual world together.

For instance, MozCon has demonstrated how hybrid events can be held successfully. It gives the virtual audience a discounted ticket rate to watch a recorded version of the event after it has wrapped up.

Technology to Elevate Audience Experience

An event app can be used which would help attendees to navigate the location of the event, get more information about the speakers, and decide which sessions to attend.

Mobile usage can be integrated into the event.

Hashtags for the event can also be used on different social media platforms to promote the event.

An online presence can build anticipation and also share the event as it unfolds. People who attend the events are leads. They are also real people. Real conversations with them should be encouraged.

Use Lighting

Appropriate lighting can play an important role in the success of an event. Lighting can be leveraged to place the focus exactly on what is important.

For a day event, using natural light will prove to be helpful.

Research has proved that it has a positive impact on people. Better lighting is also conducive to attendees sharing photos of the event on social media.

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