Successful Key Marketing Efforts

Successful Key Marketing Efforts

One of the critical elements of a company’s success has always been marketing, which is an ever-evolving field. However, efficient marketers understand how to use certain techniques and strategies that are able to connect to and convert prospects.

Nevertheless, there are some exemplary marketers, such as Steve Jobs, that have managed to change industries from the ground up, by understanding consumer behavior and catering to audiences’ needs.

Staying on top of marketing trends is always important, however, it’s just as important to know the marketing essentials that created those marketing trends, especially when looking for inspiration for new campaigns.

Smart Marketing

One of the things that helped make Apple so successful, was the advertising campaigns to the consumers.

The company’s marketing strategies practically changed the structure of traditional marketing, with various campaigns throughout the years that included minimalism, and attention-grabbing product launches and unveilings that embodied the sleek, minimalist, and attractive design of the products.

One of the key things in marketing, especially with smart marketing, is to first create an incredible product, and then build a brand experience the consumers will find emotional, through campaigns and events.

Network Marketing

An essential with network marketing for many business leaders is to tap into personal networks that include independent individuals within a company. These are the people that can help improve the product or the service the company is selling because it creates a type of contest between the individuals who can do their best.

A great example of this is Mary Kay Cosmetics, which was founded on the idea of network marketing. The company’s founder, Mary Kay Ash, tapped into the middle-class lifestyle of the time and enlisted plenty of women who were looking to make an income, which helped the company become so successful.

Target Audience and Attention

Identifying the potential of a brand new product, or piece of technology is no easy task, which makes the jobs of marketers a lot more difficult. However, staying on top of these trends is the best way to learn which ones are going to be a successful way for companies to reach consumers.

The media and communications holding company, VaynerX, and the advertising agency, VaynerMedia, which were founded by Gary Vaynerchuck, are great examples of this. The founder quickly identified how powerful the internet could be in capturing audiences’ attention, and because of the early adoption, the companies became incredibly successful and are still staying on top of all the latest trends and technologies.


More than ever, consumers are focused on experiences over products, which means companies have to stay on top of this trend and provide interesting buying journeys for the customers to be successful.

Although not a marketing expert, Orson Welles managed to do exactly that when translate H.G. Wells’ science fiction book War of the Worlds into a radio play, by researching the audience, and creating an entire radio show that closely followed the book, with actors that described what was happening as if they were really living through the story.

About a million listeners became convinced that the planet was invaded by aliens and mass panic broke out. Although this isn’t a typical goal of a marketing campaign, it’s a great example of an effective strategy.