Ronald McDonald endorses Taco Bell breakfasts

Ronald McDonald endorses Taco Bell breakfasts

Sometimes brands can try their hand at “funny” or “clever,” and miss the mark by a country mile. Other times, they get too risqué or delve into toilet humor to try to gain attention. While these approaches certainly have their benefits, and can often lead to memorable PR campaigns, Ronn Torossian believes it is the purely funny ones that are the most memorable.

A recent example of this effort that tickled the funny bone in a memorable way came courtesy of Taco Bell.

The international fast food franchise recently announced that it would soon be releasing its new breakfast menu. Some Taco Bell fans cheered, while other fast food consumers wondered what the world needed with another quick breakfast option. After all, so many other fast food franchises had a strong market presence, and Taco Bell had worked so hard to develop its late night message.

Then, when the time came to make the big announcement, a surprising advocate stepped forward. Ronald McDonald was on TVs across the nation telling people how much he loved Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu items.

In fact, more than one Ronald McDonald was singing the Bell’s praises.

This is where the punchline lands. In a fit of simple PR genius, the folks at Taco Bell went out and found a bunch of guys actually named Ronald McDonald to promote their products. In doing so, they not only took the doubters head on, they did so in a way that showed they could laugh at the whole situation.

So, if you were a critic who thought the decision to do breakfast laughable, you had to laugh with them. Not at them.