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  Social media campaigns that launch on a global basis require a significant amount of experience and skill to succeed. While brands and agents might have wonderful ideas to creatively connect with their customers, if they don’t have a solid system to deliver the same voice and marketing strategies worldwide, then global campaigns can quickly […]

In most cases, when you are staging an event to increase your charity PR, the cops showing up is a bad thing … even if you do end up on TV. But under certain circumstances, even an arrival by the police becomes Good Publicity. A recent story reported first by The Guardian illustrates the latter.

In any recession, most charities experience a drop-off in donations. Doesn’t matter what segment you’re in, you will likely see less in your coffers when people believe the economy is in the toilet. Well, we’ve come out of the Great Recession and, for a while, giving has been on a steady incline. Market prognosticators are […]

It’s not been a stellar week for the top executive at popular military-based charity Wounded Warrior Project. Fred and Dianne Kane, two top donors have called for Steven Nardizzi to resign or be fired after it came to light that the charity may have been overspending on “lavish” office parties and staff meetings. The Kanes, […]

When über metal band Metallica came out strong against file sharing services like Napster, fans turned on them in a big way. Sure, they understood the band’s complaint in principle, but they reasoned most people were still buying albums. Why go after little kids grabbing tracks from LimeWire? The back and forth got ugly, turning […]

Over the last several months, Facebook has been adding extras specifically to help and assist non-profits and charities. Their latest addition came earlier this week with a new site full of resources for such agencies, including non-governmental organizations doing charitable work. The new site is set up to help organizations establish and enhance FB pages, […]

A recent article in The Economist shed some sunshine on a tiny island just off Florida’s Gulf Coast. Little Bokeelia is not exactly overrun with tourists, but those who have discovered its cascading waterfalls and resort amenities have fallen in love with this tropical haven. Then it went on the real estate market, and everyone […]