We’ve talked before about the importance of community impact for businesses both large and small. In any community, there are a wide array of ways to get involved and help improve that community for those living and working in it. Forming charitable partnerships is another way to get involved and improve the community around a […]

If you had to guess which popular food brand found itself in the PR hot seat last week, you probably wouldn’t have guessed StarKist Tuna, and yet, that’s exactly what happened. The brand was obliged to plead guilty to a price fixing allegation that could wind up costing the company $100 million, as well as […]

International face and uber-model Doutzen Kroes is on a mission, and she wants your help. The Dutch model was mesmerized the first time she encountered elephants in the wild. She was enthralled by their soft, silent steps and the kindness in their eyes.

When über metal band Metallica came out strong against file sharing services like Napster, fans turned on them in a big way. Sure, they understood the band’s complaint in principle, but they reasoned most people were still buying albums. Why go after little kids grabbing tracks from LimeWire? The back and forth got ugly, turning […]

$50 million to be precise – all to increase the diversity among its faculty. The current stats for Yale have them at 39.5% female faculty and 22.5% minority faculty members. “Yale’s education and research missions are propelled forward by a faculty that stands at the forefront of scholarship, research, practice, mentoring, and teaching. An excellent […]

In 2012, George W. Bush charged $100,000 for a speaking at an event to raise funds for Helping a Hero.  This article addresses the difficult issue of finding the right balance between promotions and nonprofit investments. . Nonprofit organizations have fundraising events often. Many of them have more than one a year and what is […]

Recently it was reported that presidential candidate Rand Paul is now accepting Bitcoin campaign donations. This is a first for any POTUS candidate, but even their options are far and above those of many nonprofit organizations. Fearful of PayPal and leery of losing cash to fees, many charities still don’t allow donors to give online. […]

Ronn Torossian believes one of the surefire ways to keep your nonprofit venture healthy and growing is to keep your volunteer pool healthy and growing. If you can keep your workers engaged in the work and the mission, you will likely achieve some measure of success. However, if your pool waxes and wanes, or your […]