We’ve talked before about the importance of community impact for businesses both large and small. In any community, there are a wide array of ways to get involved and help improve that community for those living and working in it. Forming charitable partnerships is another way to get involved and improve the community around a […]

In terms of developing a strong and cohesive social media strategy, charities usually come across more hurdles due to the limitations in funding. However, the accessibility and ease of the internet has resulted in most charities utilizing social media to raise awareness, drive traffic to their websites, and promote events and publications. Here are some […]

Back in 2016, The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe began using $10 million worth of “bond” notes as a replacement for traditional money, in an attempt to ease the problems, the country currently has with liquidity. Not only where the bond notes met with uncertainty when the country first began to introduce them, but they could […]

When the manager of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia decided to ask White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave before her party had a meal, Stephanie Wilkinson knew there would be consequences… But were those consequences worth the momentary feelings of justification that prompted the ouster? That’s a question that will […]

When the first USA Olympic “Dream Team” of basketball superstars competed on the world stage, the other nations’ players were in awe… and the fans were equally enthused. Basketball fever spread quickly across the globe, prompting kids who had never before been interested to pick up a basketball. Some of those kids are now part […]

For most of 2017, Ford just suffered through. Come the end of the year, the company warned investors things would not be pretty, and they certainly were not. The pre-eminent American auto manufacturer finished 2017 with low profit, higher costs, and a razor-thin margin.

American superstar downhill athlete Lindsey Vonn is excited about her return to major international competition on the world’s biggest stage. She says she feels one hundred percent, despite a lackluster showing recently in Austria. Vonn says her doubters should put their worries out of their minds. She’s back to the form that helped her win […]

The commercial space race is about to get even more interesting. With companies like SpaceX and United Launch Alliance (ULA) leading the way, American industry is headed back into space. Now, though, the race has to set another place at the table. Richard Branson’s space exploration company, Virgin Orbit recently announced a new spinoff company, […]