media relations

From lifeguards to cowboys to a grizzled barroom bouncer guru, Sam Elliott always seems to have worn the proverbial white hat. His distinctive scratchy baritone is the epitome of the cowboy mythos, and his rugged features helped him land a career of roles playing those quintessential American heroes.

NASCAR’s reigning superstar of superstars, Jimmie Johnson, went right from the winner’s circle to the hospital to have skin cancer cut out of his right shoulder. Almost no one knew about it until Johnson took to Twitter to let everyone know he was laid out on the table anticipating the procedure.

Not long ago a film critic, who shall remain nameless, publicly bemoaned the endless line of superhero movies that has been rolling through the box office pretty much ever since Tobey Maguire donned his spider-mask. Then came Iron Man and Thor, Hulk and the Avengers. DC gave us Batman, then Batman again, then a few […]

  When longtime HLN host Nancy Grace announced her decision to leave the network at the beginning of the summer, many wondered who would get her prime 8 PM spot on the network. Now, that question has been answered.

Has there ever been an Olympian greater than Michael Phelps? No, not really. The American fish-man picked up multiple new gold medals at the Rio Olympics, coming out of retirement to end the coronation of the Next Generation of world-class swimmers…except for Simone Manuel, who is currently experiencing what it feels like to be seen […]

There’s a reason many nonprofits consistently fail to meet fundraising goals, see falling membership in volunteer teams and feel like they’re constantly, desperately trying to get attention and commitment from potential donors. They simply don’t understand how to connect. They don’t “get” public relations, and they interact with people from a position of need and […]

Ken Garff Automotive Group recently changed its branding slogan after 80 years in business. The car dealership with locations in Utah, California, Nevada, Iowa, and Texas felt the need to update their brand with the public and in the process become more transparent to build a higher level of trust. That was the idea anyway. […]

An iPhone belonging to a suspected terrorist was found in the wake of the attack on San Bernardino on December 2nd of 2015. That single device has drawn the attention of a huge portion of the United States, thanks to the debate over encryption.