We’ve talked before about the importance of community impact for businesses both large and small. In any community, there are a wide array of ways to get involved and help improve that community for those living and working in it. Forming charitable partnerships is another way to get involved and improve the community around a […]

International face and uber-model Doutzen Kroes is on a mission, and she wants your help. The Dutch model was mesmerized the first time she encountered elephants in the wild. She was enthralled by their soft, silent steps and the kindness in their eyes.

$50 million to be precise – all to increase the diversity among its faculty. The current stats for Yale have them at 39.5% female faculty and 22.5% minority faculty members. “Yale’s education and research missions are propelled forward by a faculty that stands at the forefront of scholarship, research, practice, mentoring, and teaching. An excellent […]

Sometimes running a nonprofit organization can be crazy. Ronn Torossian has helped with many nonprofit campaigns and shares some ideas you can use to build a strong organization. Create a complete strategy. You need a plan for how to grow your organization. Decide where your resources will go initially and at what point you will […]

A recent article in Fast Company projected what it may take to secure a nonprofit job in 2020 (only five years from now!). This market research paints a telling picture of what the nonprofit landscape will look like in the years to come. The nonprofit market is growing, both in demand and opportunity. According to […]

When you are running a nonprofit or a charity on your own, understanding the power of digital marketing and integrating a social media presence is key to share your message while truly connecting with fans, followers and individuals who genuinely believe in you and want to support your cause personally. Build an Online Presence Building […]

Maine Governor Paul LePage has released a plan that would eliminate the property tax exemption for nonprofits and allow local municipalities to tax these nonprofits. Not surprisingly, that has hospitals, private colleges and other nonprofit organizations slightly upset. A group representing these nonprofit entities has gone to the state capital arguing that the governor’s proposal […]